The Witch House…
is pleased to offer a number of educational experiences beyond our own site.  You can choose any or all of
these additional tours, each at a discount from their normal pricing.  For more information and combination
pricing of one or more tours please contact us.

Rebecca Nurse Homestead-17th century home of witchcraft trials victim Rebecca
Nurse.  A remarkable opportunity to visit the early colonial farm where the Nurse
family would witness their community turn on itself and each other.

Price per student $5.25/combination ticket price $3.50 per student

For more information on the Rebecca Nurse Homestead
click here.

Salem Village Walking Tour-Visit the sites where the accusations first began.
The home site of Rev. Parris, Ingersoll's Tavern where many of the
examinations took place, Danvers Witchcraft Trial Memorial and more.  

Price per student $4.25/combination ticket price $3.25 per student

Witch House- Experience 1692 from the home of witchcraft trials Judge
Jonathan Corwin.  Salem’s last remaining structure with direct ties to the
witch hysteria that swept the community.

Price per student $3.25/combination ticket price $2.25 per student