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2018 Calendar of Events

March 25th, 2018-Salem Women's History Day

January 13-Behind the Devil’s Shield:Counter Magick In Early New England. An Evening with Salem
             Historical Society’s Alyssa Conary. 7:00 pm Tickets $10.00
February 3-Write Like A Girl..an Evening with FunDead Publications celebrating Female Horror Writers.
             7:00 pm.  Tickets $10.00
February 9-Where the Bolt of Cupid Fell-Early Modern English Love Magic. An Evening with Dr.
              Alexander Cummins. 7pm Tickets $10.00.
March 21-Spring Solstice-Details tba
March 25-Salem Women’s history day- Details tba

June 9th-Annual Lecture! "Ergot-The Moldy Bread Myth" 7-8pm. Tickets free but donation accepted for
Voices Against Injustice organization.

June 21-Lanterns In the Village-Summer Solstice- Details tba
July-Family Hearth and Field- Details tba
August-Maritime Fest-Folklore of the Sea- Details tba
September-Spice Festival 8th and 9th   - Details tba
September 23-Lanterns In The Village-Autumn Solstice- Details tba
September 23-Trails and Sails- Details tba
October 5 & 6th-Lanterns In The Village- Ghost Stories-Details tba
October 13 & 20-Dark of Night- Details tba
October 27-Tales at the Witch House- Details tba
December 21-Lanterns In the Village-Winter Solstice- Details tba