The Salem Witchcraft Trials

The newly arrived colonists traveled from England   with
their fears of witchcraft fully intact.                       
Accusations, witch hunts and trials were a familiar      and
accepted part of their lives.  Indeed, within a         short
time of settling these shores, there were a             number of  
trials and even executions for what was      considered a
capital and felonious crime.  

Certainly, the largest and most famous of these  unfortunate
episodes is the Salem Witch Crisis of  1692.  Beginning in
the early winter months of 1692 and carrying  on until May
of the following year the people of the colony would see 19
people hanged.

At the Witch House we offer the latest research and    
scholarship on how the trials began and the               
circumstances that brought them to an end.
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The University of Virginia has undertaken a remarkable
digitization process that makes it possible to view the
original documents as well as their direct transcripts.  
The link is here:

Witch Trial Documents

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